The event series that brings to life the tale of Tommy Dewar.

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Following Special Previews in Paris and Lisbon, the Scotch Egg Club Series Officially Kicks Off in Barcelona, Spain with Michelin-Starred Chef Sergi Arola.

From Shanghai to Moscow, Berlin to Madrid, DEWAR’S Delivers the ‘Live True’ Philosophy by Masterfully Blending Eclectic Tastemakers, Mixologists and Chefs to Reimagine the After Work Happy Hour in Nearly 30 Cities Worldwide.

Hamilton, Bermuda, 12 July 2017 - DEWAR’S® Blended Scotch whisky announced today the global launch of Scotch Egg Club, an event series that brings to life the tale of Tommy Dewar and his affinity for perfection through pleasure. Popping up in major cities around the world, the Scotch Egg Club will feature whimsical DEWAR’S whisky cocktails, light-hearted, chicken inspired games and, of course, Scotch eggs with culinary twists, all supported by a line-up of local mixologists, chefs, artists and more who embody Tommy’s philosophy that in life, one should play as much as they work. Having held previews in Paris and Lisbon earlier this month,the Scotch Egg Club will formally launch its global tour in Barcelona next week at Utopia 126,with a whisky and Scotch egg tasting menu developed by Michelin-starred Chef Sergi Arola.The series will then fly off to Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm, New York and beyond.

Letting Loose, Unconventionally

Tommy Dewar, son of DEWAR’S founder John Dewar, had a deliciously simple approach to life: to live true to himself and fill his days with his utmost passions: whisky, chickens and games. Heir to his father’s whisky distillery and an award-winning chicken breeder, Tommy was a masterful marketer who valued the idea of “a good time.” Today, the DEWAR’S brand continues to live by Tommy’s rules, cherishing the moments when good friends can come together over great whisky. And it is through this that the idea hatched for the Scotch Egg Club.

“At DEWAR’S, we aspire every day to live life through the eyes of Tommy Dewar and revel in his pure zest for life,” said Fraser Campbell, DEWAR’S global brand ambassador. “Scotch Egg Club is a perfect example of how we’re delivering this same passion to whisky enthusiasts, and enabling them to let loose a little while still getting better acquainted with our brand, range and irreverent personality.”

Odds and Eggs

A true embodiment of Tommy’s unconventional way of life, Scotch Egg Club will be landing in nearly 30 major cities around the world, ranging in format from large-scale experiences and traveling emporiums, to bar takeovers and mini culinary pop-ups at international food festivals.

Paris, France (1-2 June, 2017): The Scotch Egg Club held its first preview in Paris, starring 2017 Top Chef candidate Guillaume Sanchez who served up a special Scotch egg and whisky pairing menu at La Cartonnerie, alongside other experiences including an on-site barber shop, chicken bingo games, psychic tent and a secret bar. Both days also featured a number of musical performances from Polo & Pan, FX Oliveri and more.

Lisbon, Portugal (29 June, 2017): The series also held a preview in Lisbon where guests partook in a locally-inspired whisky and Scotch egg tasting menu concepted by cocktail master Jorge Camilo and Chef Victor Hugo Alves at Alcântra Café, an old factory reimagined with dark avant-garde design. Lisbon techno duo WiseGuys performed before Portugal’s favorite DJ, Tiago Gragateiro, took the stage at the end of the night. The evening also featured a temporary tattoo drive, chicken bingo, a barbershop and the Scotch Egg Psychic Tent, where guest learned their whisky destiny.

Barcelona, Spain (13-14 July, 2017): The Scotch Egg Club will officially hatch in Barcelona where guests will be immersed in Tommy Dewar’s world at Utopia 126. The two-night event will feature a Scotch egg-whisky pairing degustation by Chef Sergi Arola. Attendees will experience the Scotch Egg Psychic Tent, starring renowned mentalist Adolofo Masyebra, as well as face the challenge of a mini escape game to unlock a secret bar. Guests can discover the DEWAR’S Universe, and have the opportunity to taste the World’s Best Single Malt - CRAIGELLACHIE® 31 Years Old - served up by award-winning mixologist Juan Valles. DJ’s Daniel Baughman, Dorisburg and Pional will bring the two-night event to a close with original sets.

United States (July-December 2017): While making its way through Europe, Scotch Egg Club will also pop-up in seven markets in the U.S. as part of a larger tour, the John Dewar & Sons Traveling Scotch Whisky Emporium. Kicking off in early July in Chicago, the Emporium will travel to Denver, Austin, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston and Miami throughout the year, and feature a mobile, livable tiny house with customized features and events, featuring all the must-haves of Scotch Egg Club, as well as influencer events starring acclaimed Chef Michael Voltaggio, comedians and more in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Berlin, Germany (July-September 2017): In Germany, the Scotch Egg Club will join Bite Club, a street food party on the spree that features some of the freshest upcoming street food traders in town, plus all-time favorites. Scotch Egg Club’s immersive trailer will participate in Bite Club six times throughout the summer and have the opportunity to taste Scotch egg recipes from noted restaurateur and writer Chef Fabio Haebel, paired with DEWAR’S whisky and cocktails.

Ghent, Belgium (July-December 2017): DEWAR’S will open its first semi-permanent Scotch Egg Club in Ghent at the Holy Food Market. Diners can expect chicken bingo games on weekend nights, whisky roulette during the week and, of course, fantastic pairings of DEWAR’S and Scotch eggs all day long.

You can also expect to spot the Scotch Egg Club at the following restaurants and food/cocktail festivals throughout 2017:

• July 23-26: Lambada Market in Moscow, Russia

• September 1-2: Street Bouche Festival in Strasbourg, France

• September 8-10: Street Food Festival in Lyon, France

• September 19-22: Street Food International Festival in Paris, France

• Month of October: Beefsteak Club in Amsterdam, Netherlands

• October 3-8: TT Liquor in London, UK

• October 15-17: Street Food International Festival in Avignon, France

For more information on the Scotch Egg Club, please visit Be sure to follow along with #scotcheggclub on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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