Scotch Egg Club launch in Portugal

On June 29th, at 8:00 p.m., Lisbon will host the global launch of Scotch Egg Club, an event series that brings to life the tale of Tommy Dewar and his affinity for perfection through pleasure.

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Popping up in major cities around the world, the Scotch Egg Club will feature whimsical DEWAR’s whisky cocktails, light-hearted, chicken-inspired games and, of course, Scotch eggs with culinary twists, all supported by a line-up of local mixologists, chefs, artists and more who embody Tommy’s philosophy that in life, one should play as much as they work. Hosted at the Alcântra Café, with a whisky and Scotch egg tasting menu developed by mixologist Jorge Camilo and Espumantaria/Peixola’s executive chef Victor Hugo Alves, the Scotch Egg Club will be flying off to Barcelona, Moscow, Berlin, Stockholm, Chicago and beyond.

Inspired by the life of Tommy Dewar, son of the founder of the famous Scottish whisky brand Dewar's, the event will be faithful to his philosophy "Working in the morning, playing in the afternoon" and will join in the Alcântara Café: whisky, chickens and games, his greatest passions.

Cocktails with whisky & malts, scotch eggs developed by the famous chef Victor Hugo Alves, disruptive games, live music and unusual experiences are some of the surprises that the Dewar's has reserved for this event that will bring together in the same space: mixologists, chefs and artists, thus revealing the history and philosophy of the brand.

In this space, it will be possible to enjoy the experience of whisky & food pairing, see an illusionist in action and get your fortune read, get fake tattoos, play to the chicken bingo, get a trim at the barbershop, and watch the Wise Guys & Tiago Fragateiro show.

About Dewar’s brand

Dewar's is the most internationally blended scotch awarded whisky, with more than 500 medals.

Dewar's, Bacardi insignia, was founded in 1846 by John Dewar. However, it was his sons - John Alexander and Tommy Dewar - who made this brand an international success. It is the best seller Scotch whisky in the USA. The Dewar's Aberfeldy distillery in Scotland was founded in 1898 and is currently the physical and spiritual home of the brand.

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